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Alchemist C - Combination to Oily

Alchemist C - Combination to Oily
The health of our cells deep within is what is reflected on the outside. Wrinkles, dullness, discoloration, coarse skin texture, loss of elasticity - these are all side effects of the damage inflicted on our skin on a day to day basis. Using a highly concentrated blend of some of the most advanced technologies on the market - which, until now, have been unavailable within a single formulation - Boske Molecular Repair provides unmatched protection against damage at the cellular level. It's like 5 anti-aging creams in-one. This super cream is formulated with a "defense squad," with ingredients like Black Tea Ferment and Vitamin C, and a "clean-up crew," with ingredients like Kinetin and Malus Domestica Stem Cell Culture Extract.

Available in 1 fl. oz. and .5 fl. oz.
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