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Creme Riche Fermete Lift

Creme Riche Fermete Lift

What is Creme Riche Fermete Lift?

Creme Riche Fermete Lift is a line-diminishing moisturiser that visibly firms and smooth's the skins surface while gently nourishing remarkable you on a daily basis!

Will Creme Riche Fermete Lift suit my skin type?

Creme Riche Fermete Lift has been formulated by those specialists at Guinot to suit dry and dehydrated skin types.

What super-spectacular skin health ingredients does it include?

As you probably know, our skin cells become less active over time. This is because over time, progerin stalls the skin's production of collagen. Collegen is a much-needed protein that simulates cells and encourages firmness and elasticity in our skin and when this is not present, fine lines and brown spots will begin to appear more easily.

Actiprogerin is an amazing ingredient that can be found in Creme Riche Fermete Lift. It stops the production of progerin allowing our skin cells to be as active as they were when they were younger. Super, huh?

Brilliant! How and when should I use it?

Creme Riche Fermete Lift can be used morning and evening. Apply using upward strokes, from the jaw to the forehead.

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