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Anti-Pathogen Water

Anti-Pathogen Water

1)  What is Harmonized Water?

  • Harmonized water is a combination of waters that contain different vibrational
    frequencies. Unlike structured water, which addresses the tendency of water
    molecules to cluster together, harmonized water describes the frequencies
    that water carries in its proton/electron outer shell. Water has the ability to
    carry frequency messages for extended periods of time and we have found
    that some of these messages harmonize internal imbalances in our body.
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2)  How do frequencies affect the body?

  • There are several studies that show the positive and negative effects of different
    frequencies in our environment. A common frequency that is put off by many
    electronic devices is 60hz. In excess, which is almost unavoidable in today's electronic age, it has been shown to affect the immune system
    amongst other things. In contrast, studies show that 10hz has positive effects on the brain and relaxation.

  • The reality is that every cell in your body (and everything in nature) has its own unique frequency, very much like a fingerprint. Your body functions
    by communicating messages through this energetic pathway. It seems odd to think that an antibiotic or an herbal supplement likely function by
    emanating their frequency essence rather than actually mechanically unlocking a receptor, but that is likely the case. That would explain what
    has never been explained; how do small amounts of herbs/drugs magically find their way to the problem area in our body after ingestion? It is the
    equivalent of dropping a blind/deaf/mute person in the middle of New York and asking them to find an address and yet they do!
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3) Can it be harmful?

  • In theory, harmful frequencies, taken over extended time, could help promote disharmony in the body. We do not use harmful frequencies.
    In contrast, frequencies that are not harmful but are also not beneficial to a specific persons disharmonies, are likely ignored by the body. 
    Evidence of this is seen with homeopathy.
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4)  How does it compare to homeopathic remedies?

  • Under the premise that homeopathic remedies contain little-to-no physical characteristics of the original substance that was succussed, the remaining
    water is harmonized by the original substance. However, we at Harmonized Water, LLC do not use succussion to create our waters. Ther is new
    evidence that high potency homeopathy is much more effective than traditional homeopathy. One of the advantages of Harmonized Water is that we
    can adjust the potency to achieve much greater efficacy.
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5)  How long does it take to notice the effects of Harmonized Water?

  • Some people notice it immediately, others can take up to hour to feel the benefits. The effects can be quite subtle or significant depending on the day
    and the individual.
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6)  How long can the effects last?

  • If your body responds to the frequencies, the effects will usually last 3-4 hours.
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7)  How does it compare to other frequency enhanced waters?

  • There is little evidence that any of the handfuls of claims of frequency enhanced waters actually maintain their frequencies. In addition, most waters
    are not actually frequency enhanced with beneficial frequencies. By definition, frequency enhanced water could be enhanced by being; prayed over,
    put next to music, treated with light because all of these methods emanate frequencies. You will find that Harmonized Water is different.
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8)  How does it compare to structured or ionically treated water?

  • There are ionization treatments out right now that make water either more acidic or more basic. The basic (alkaline) water is good for you because
    almost all of us are too acidic (from sugar, stress, protein excess, etc) and it will help neutralize that acidity. Harmonized Water is different. Structured
    water can also be beneficial. It is the process of breaking down larger clusters of water into smaller ones under the theory that cells can only absorb
    small clusters and therefore the hydration is superior from microcluster/structured water. I think there is validity to this process as well. Unfortunately,
    the effects of structured water are temporary and likely to re-cluster by the time consumers get these beverages at the store. Harmonized water
    enhances the outer shell of the protons/electrons of all the water molecules and its effects on water molecules lasts for several years.
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9)  Will I always feel something?

  • We have found that not everyone is as aware of his or her body as others. In addition, some of us have noise pollution where we are overwhelmed
    with disharmonic frequencies and so the beneficial frequencies are less impactful. However, the overwhelming majority of consumers will notice benefits.
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10) Can I take too much?

  • Most people think more is better. While it is true that some people will respond better with more, others will find that they have no response if they put
    too much of any one frequency in their body. The theory is that the body ignores it at some point. We have attempted to put the perfect balance
    of frequencies that will have the right affect on the largest number of people, but you are welcome to figure out how much works best for you.

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