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Clarify (30ml)

Clarify (30ml)
The best way to reduce oil and/or bacterial overgrowth is to target oil glands with ingredients that do not traumatize the skin. Remember, Glycolic and other acids damage, over-exfoliate and dehydrate the skin resulting in more oil production. Trauma (inflammation) stimulates oil so other artificial ingredients like Benzoyl Peroxide work against your skin and ultimately result in rebound acne. Additionally, acne sufferers already have scar-proned skin because of all the inflammation so overly aggressive treatments will worsen their scarring. Osmosis formula uses purified and highly active oil and bacteria reducers along with calming aryuvedic herbs to provide rapid results that are actually good for the skin. Acneic skin is constantly attempting to repair itself as most blemishes leave residual scar tissue. The combination of treating acne while repairing acne scars just makes sense. Steroids, Benzoyl Peroxide, antibiotics and most lasers slow remodeling (by depleting antioxidants and/or nutrients from blood supply) thus worsening the potential for scars because they interfere with the natural remodeling process. Osmosis unique formula stimulates capillary flow (blood supply), thus feeding the skin its essential nutrients while stimulating fibroblasts for remodeling with Retinaldehyde-liposome. In fact, all of the active ingredients are liposome-coated to penetrate into the skin and through the sebum more effectively. Liposomes have also been shown to reduce oil production and acne by as much as 70% in one month and that is without any other active ingredients being present! While Retin A and other retinols can be used for acne, Retinaldehyde-liposome is the ideal choice for the following reasons; it is readily absorbed by the skin and follicle which does not occur with any other retinol (see Vitamin A info), two, it does not over-stimulate like Retin A which results in redness and irritation, and three, it is approximately 500 times stronger than Retinol and equally as strong as Retin A without irritation. Clarify uses 14 potent blemish-reduducing ingredients (including aryuvedic herbs) that are all liposome coated to penetrate into the follicle and restore the health of the skin.

Active Ingredients:
Olive Leaf Extract
Oleanolic Acid
Cucumber Extract
Chamomile Extract
Coriander Extract
Basil Extract
Chicory Extract
L-Lactic Acid

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