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Clear (100ml)

Clear (100ml)

Clear is part of a new group of frequency-enhanced waters from Osmosis.  We have developed these frequencies based on work done by a scientist who has spent the last 20 years developing this technology.

Simply put, everything in life has a frequency that vibrates at a unique rate/waveform.  These vibrational frequencies can activate or enhance receptor activity which leads to responses by the body, or, they can impact other the function of other organisms.  In the case of Clear, it contains frequencies of antibacterials and anti-fungals while also containing Fibroblast Growth Factor and Keratinocyte Growth Factor frequencies.  This is rapidly becoming one of our most popular products as it has reportedly helped acne, wound healing, rashes, ingrown hairs, pink eye, cold sores, aging, rosacea, and more.  We recommend that it is sprayed on the face prior to adding your Osmosis serums so that our liposomal delivery will help this water with penetration into the deeper layers of skin.

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