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Refresh PM

Refresh PM
Everyone is talking about peptides as if that is the latest answer to the (already) thin, often abused skin around the eyes. That is far from the truth. Peptides are primarily designed to build up in your skin, temporarily improving the appearance of fine lines. Don't get us wrong, they serve a temporary purpose and have some effect. The problem is (as is the problem with many eye products) that peptides and most eye products do little to restore the skin around the eye to its original healthy state. Any product using caffeine or Vitamin K is going in the absolute wrong direction because both of those ingredients reduce blood supply to the area which reduces the antioxidants and nutrients needed for repair. Refresh has Retinaldehyde, GHK Copper Peptides and Astaxanthin in a luxurious and beautiful liquid crystal formula. This combination of antioxidants and collagen stimulators has substantial research supporting its potent, reparative abilities. The luxurious liquid crystals hydrate and plump the skin leaving it smooth and better protected. These liquid crystals are usually too heavy on the skin for AM use.

Active Ingredients:
Liquid Crystals
Spin Trap
GHK Copper Peptides

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