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Everyone has had some level of sun damage over their lifetime and skin health restoration is critical for the prevention of aging both in younger individuals as well as more damaged skin types. To accomplish this, two things must be stimulated; fibroblast activity and blood flow to the skin. Fibroblasts stimulate collagen, elastin, and GAGs which are all critical to repairing skin density and the overall look and quality of the skin. In addition, the skins activity, repair capabilities and appearance are totally dependent on nutrients, antioxidants and immune support from its blood supply. The more blood supply, the better the health of the skin in every category. The unique ingredients in this serum work better on these issues than any other ingredients on the market. Retinaldehyde- liposome, as an example, is the most active retinol available without prescription. While prescription Retin A can be as effective, it is over-irritating to the skin which adds to the workload and makes it less than optimal. Retinaldehyde-lipsome, on the other hand, is extremely active in generating blood flow and stimulating fibroblasts without the irritation because it penetrates (see Vitamin A info). Many anti-aging products contain peptides. Since our research shows they only plump the skin and have no effect on collagen and elastin, we do not really consider these treatment ingredients. However, we use Argirilene in addition to our 6 collagen stimulators because a little plumping is also nice. We believe that 6 fibroblast stimulators (makers of collagen, elastin, GAGs) are better than one as we are trying to stimulate collagen in every way possible. Osmosis likes to think of it as saturating the skin with remodelers.

Active Ingredients:
1,3 Beta Glucan
GHK Copper Peptides
R-Lipoic Acid
Epidermal Growth Factor

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