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Osmosis Repair is designed to dramatically enhance healing post-procedure.  It also calms irritated skin very effectively.  With a combination of repair-promoting ingredients like willow herb, boswellia, manganese, sanguisorba, pine bark, and  reservatol. this potent healing  encourages collagen/elastin  and barrier repair while soothing inflammed and wounded skin.

Willow HerbExcellent calming agent and anti-bacterial
designed to dramatically improve redness.
Phosphatidylcholine A powerful humectant that softens
the formula, prevents acne formation and restores barrier health.
Argirilene Natural peptide effective in temporary fine line
SqualaneAn excellent moisturizing lipid that soothes
and protects the skin.
ChlorellaAntioxidant and potent collagen / elastin remodeler
with published research supporting it.
Sanguisorba Officinalis Potent Chinese herb with antioxidant
and anti-inflammatory properties.
Salvia MiltiorrhizaPotent Chinese herb with antioxidant
and anti-inflammatory properties.
GHK Copper Peptides Proven antioxidant and
collagen stimulator.
Resveratrol Potent source of proanthocyanidins, especially
in the trans form.
Gynostemma Pentaphyllum Potent Chinese herbal
antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.
Pine Bark Anti-inflammatory.
Co Q 10 Potent skin antioxidant.
Fulvic AcidMineral co-factor for optimal
mineral utilization.
Manganese Essential co-factor for cellular protection.
Boswellia Chinese herb with collagen stimulating
and anti-inflammatory properties.
Wild Cherry Bark Calming anti-inflammatory to reduce
stimulation of melanocytes.
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