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Therapeutic Cleansing Pads

Therapeutic Cleansing Pads

Therapeutic Cleansing Pads provide a quick, stimulating cleanse to the skin. Salicylic Acid helps remove impurities and bacteria, while pure Aloe Vera softens the skin. Therapeutic Cleansing Pads are perfect for mid-day cleansing and travel.

Convenient pads quickly clean skin, unclog pores, remove dirt and oil
Salicylic Acid helps eliminate bacteria, dissolve sebum and exfoliate skin
Witch Hazel and Peppermint tighten pores and stimulate circulation
Sulfur helps detoxify while Zinc helps speed healing

Key Ingredients

Salicylic Acid
Dissolves sebum, antibacterial, stimulate, and exfoliates
Witch Hazel Tightens pores and stimulates circulation
NaPCABiogenic moisturizer
Sulfur Speeds healing, antibacterial
ZincSpeeds healing, antibacterial, oil absorbing
Aloe Vera Gel Skin softener, antibacterial, minimizes irritation
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