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After Sun - Prolongateur De Bronzage

After Sun - Prolongateur De Bronzage
Ensures a longer-lasting tan and illuminates the face and body with an iridescent golden glow. Rapidly absorbed, it leaves your skin soft and satiny. Furthermore its three teas polyphenols offer to the skin their protective and balancing anti-oxydant activity.
Benefits: discreet and elegant glamorous effect due to the fine shimmering paillettes! A gradual tan with a maximum intensity after 5 days!
Active ingredients: Erythrulose and DHA: combination of self-tanning agents; Green, white and red tea polyphenols: for their anti-free radical and anti-stress properties, to protect against premature skin ageing; Imperata cylindrica: for optimum, long-lasting hydration; Grape-seed oil: anti-free radical and anti-dehydration; Vitamins A and E: with regenerating and anti-free radical properties, for cellular comfort; Vitamin B5: soothing; Bisabolol: softening

  • Apply every day until you achieve the desired level of tan.
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